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About Schult Modular Homes

Schult is the name that has become the “gold standard” in this industry. Schult got their start in 1934 and have continued to be the industry leader since that time. Being the oldest manufacturer in the industry, gives them the years of experience to build only the best quality homes.

Schult was originally and independently owned by Mr. Wells, founder of the Schult company. Since that time, Schult has been owned by such notable companies as Inland Steel and Schult Management, and are currently owned by Clayton Homes, whose majority stock holder is Warren Buffet. These other companies have chosen to own Schult because of its past reputation of quality in the industry, and its legacy of reputable dealerships.

While the Schult company has changed ownership over time, their philosophy has remained the same; to produce top quality homes and follow that with the best customer service and support available. They’ve been given plenty of awards to prove that! The Redwood Falls Plant in Minnesota has been named the Manufactured Home Manufacturer of the Year for three years in a row; 2005-2006-2007. Their parent company, Clayton Homes, has held this title 7 times in the last 8 years. With background like this, it’s easy to decide who you’d want to build your next home!