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The Harvest Homes Buying Process

Buying a home from us comes with an entirely different process than the average home buying process. When you buy a site-built home, realtors take you from one house to the next, looking at floorplans you cannot change, color schemes you will need to change, and fixtures that make your cringe. When you buy a manufactured or modular home from us, we start at the beginning and help you create the perfect home from the ground up.

The Home Itself

When you first visit our home center, don’t worry if you aren’t sure which type of home you’d like to buy. Maybe you’ve had your mind set on buying a manufactured home, but haven’t ruled out buying a modular home. No matter what you’re thinking, we’ll sit down with you to discuss the benefits of manufactured and modular homes to help you make an informed decision.

From there we can discuss the size of the home you’d like and the available floorplans that fit your family and its lifestyle. Once we’ve helped you identify the manufactured or modular home model that fits you, we can discuss option features. Many of our homes have optional floorplans that add different rooms or different amenities to certain rooms. We’ll take the time to discuss all of these features with you.

Last but not least, we’ll discuss the look of your home. From hardwood trim and laminate flooring to carpeting and oak cabinetry, we’ll go over all the available interior design packages to help you select the one you can fall in love with.

Financing and Delivery

Financing is always a big concern when buying a modular or manufactured home. Although both options are less expensive than site-built homes, they still represent a major investment. We work with a number of local and regional lenders to help you find the financing terms that match your financial situation. If you’ve been turned down for home financing in the past, we can still help you find financing to buy a new manufactured or modular home.

Once that step is complete, we can discuss the final details such as delivery location and date, site preparation, and home delivery prep. Then we get final approval for your new home and send the order to the manufacturer.

Experience the difference in the home buying process at Harvest Homes by visiting us at our home center today. Our service specialists will walk you through all of these steps to put you at ease in the home buying process.

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