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Site Preparation Information

Once you’ve selected a site for your new manufactured or modular home, there is work that needs to be done to prepare that site for the arrival of your new dwelling. Lots for modular homes and manufactured homes must go through a preparation process to ensure that the land is not only ready for your new home to be installed, but also to ensure that there are no issues in the future that negatively impact the enjoyment of your new home.




Land Preparation

Lots for manufactured homes must first be cleared of all vegetation before the dwelling can be set in place. Whether your chosen site has grass or wild vegetation, it must all be cleared to prevent it from decaying once your home is set in place. As vegetation decays under your home it can cause unpleasant odors to infiltrate your home, which makes it crucial to clear the land first.

After the vegetation has been removed, your land needs to be built up and graded to ensure your home can safely sit on that site for decades to come. Class 5 gravel is used to build up the land upon which your manufactured home will sit. Then we’ll make sure that the land underneath and surrounding your home is sloped away from the structure itself. This prevents moisture from accumulating under the home, and helps draw moisture and water away from the surrounding area.

Installing Your New Home

With the land prepared for your new home, all that is left to do is install the home and put on the finishing touches. Prior to installing your home, the land directly beneath it will be covered with plastic to further aide in the prevention of moisture around your home. Once your home is in place, skirting will be added around the base of your home. This skirting not only covers the foundation visually, but is vented to allow for proper air circulation to prevent moisture build up from occurring.

Harvest Home Process

We follow all state guidelines and manufacturer recommendations for preparing your new home site. Lots for manufactured homes require a 6” downslope away from your home site in the first 10 ft. in any direction, just the same as site-built homes. We follow these codes and standards to the letter to ensure you are able to enjoy your home now, and in the future.


The home should also be located away from streams, rivers and other natural drainage areas. If gutters and downspouts are installed, make sure the runoff is directed away frm the home.


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