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  • Timberland 28x51

  • Game Changer Inside

  • Hearthside III inside 

  • Timberland 28x68 inside

  • Timberland 32x64 Inside 

  • Timberland 32x72 inside


Schult is the name that has become the "gold standard" in this industry, and when you make these houses a home, they become priceless. Just because your home is your castle, doesn't mean it has to be priced like one.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We looked at a lot of different houses at a lot of different businesses. After picking the house we wanted we compared prices. For the same house, Harvest Homes was cheaper than the one in Bismarck, North Dakota. We were told by someone that by buying a house in Minnesota and living in North Dakota the service would not be easily available. They were so wrong.

It was a very wet year when we got our home. It was a challenge for them to get the houses delivered to their customers, but they got it done. It was set up quickly & professionally. As we moved in, if we saw anything wrong they came out at a reasonable time and fixed what needed to be fixed. Customer service was great and still is, even after owning the home for a few years.

Arleen and Tony Fetty

We had looked at homes for about three years, at about every home dealer in North Dakota. We finally found the one we liked at ta Schalt Dealer. Some friends told us to talk to Mark at Harvest and get a price fro him. We were amazed at how much money we saved buying our home at harvest homes. Mark and the people there were very accommodating, friendly, and always helpful. The setting up of the house was very short and the service has been very good. We have recommended several people to Harvest Homes.

Rod and Karen Christenson



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