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About Schult Manufactured Homes for Sale in Minnesota and the Dakotas

Schult Homes has spent nine decades developing a standard in manufactured home design and construction that remains untouched in the industry. For the last 25 years, we have been proud to partner with a company whose name is synonymous with quality. We partner with Schult to ensure that every manufactured home we sell in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota exceeds the highest standards for quality, comfort, and luxury.

Company Background

Schult was founded in the 1930s at a time when manufactured homes looked nothing like they do today. Those original homes built by Schult had an emphasis on functionality over luxury. Early manufactured homes contained little more than the necessities, such as coal heating stoves, portable water tanks, and dinette chairs.

Schult-built manufactured homes for sale today represent the finest in 21st century housing. Schult’s focus in the new millennium has been on providing homeowners like you a tastefully designed home that is thoughtfully crafted to suit you and your family. All of the current models feature amenities like walk-in closets, efficient kitchens with appliances from reliable brands like Whirlpool, luxury baths, and functional living spaces.

Brand Name Partners

From start to finish, the manufactured home we sell you has been constructed and furnished with materials and amenities from the name brands you have come to trust. All of our units contain carpeting and laminate from Shaw, linoleum from Congoleum, and oak cabinetry to make your house feel more like a home.

When it comes to appliances, your home contains only the best from names like Moen (faucets), Clay (windows & doors), Whirlpool, and Hunter (ceiling fans). The list of reliable brands doesn’t stop inside the house. Your home is only as good as its defense against the elements. Our manufactured homes are built with insulation and fasteners from Johns Manville, 35-year shingles from Atlas, and maintenance-free siding to keep your house comfortable year round.

Harvest Homes of Fergus Falls Inc.

When you purchase a new manufactured home from us, we’ll work with you from start to finish. Ensuring that you are happy with your new home is our #1 job. We pride ourselves on taking the time to answer all your questions. Whether its features and amenities or floorplans and pricing, our job doesn’t end with the sale.


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